Where am I?

Welcome to Crystal Magpie Films, For all your film reviewing needs. Well, a few of them.

Here we believe that if you’re looking for a good, solid review of a film (and sometimes other things), containing facts and figures and an accurate, well rounded analysis, then you can find that in literally hundreds of other places. There are many reviewers out there doing a much better job of reviewing than I ever could, they are professionals after all.

So what can we offer you that they will never be able to? Well, there’s my personal opinion, which counts for basically nothing if you’re not already invested in it. There’s also the wide variety of films that I will be sharing with you, as I wont be sticking to one particular genre or style, I have many interests. I have a fairly dry sense of humor built upon a solid foundation of sarcasm, so there’s that to look forward to. And if none of that grabs your attention then I’ll do my best to write good.

Comment. Ask questions. Please suggest films, because I love films with all my heart and am always looking for new ones to add to my ever growing list of recommendations that I will never watch all of. Let me know you’re out there. Or not, lurkers have a special place in our hearts too.

Oh, and we play a continuous game here, this is how to play: Spot a typo, point it out in the comments and win a prize. Spoiler alert, the prize is a thanks and then I fix it.

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– Magpie.